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Customer Value.

The multifaceted advantages of a co-operation with CK PRORAIL Consult GmbH accumulate to a convincing overall benefit
for YOU as our customer which is based on

YOUR satisfaction,
YOUR financial success,
YOUR agile attainments and
YOUR motivated personnel and business partners.


YOU receive extensive solutions from us as contact persons for your problems.
YOU benefit from our comprehensive experience, because therewith, we are able to reduce the effort
for implementing solutions.
YOU can expect an optimal task solution with customised concepts for advantageous conditions from us,
because we donít depend on companies.
YOU can refer to our motto of the active partnership, because we act neutrally as a connector between
the involved persons.
YOU can count on us that we introduce innovations under stern observation of profitability.

YOUR problem Ė OUR solution, innovative, flexible, future-oriented!

CK PRORAIL Consult GmbH - a company situated in Fricktal - a landscape which inspires innovative efforts.

CK PRORAIL Consult GmbH - Breitmattboden 34 - CH-5073 Gipf-Oberfrick - info[at]ckprorail[dot]com - Map of the Area