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Complete services according to your requirements are a doubtless guarantor of success of CK PRORAIL Consult GmbH.
Based on well-founded knowledge of markets, we offer qualified implementation-oriented
advice and guidance at

the implementation of laws, technical regulations and engineer standards,
the projection of new development and back fitting of freight wagons,
the development of maintenance concepts and strategies and
the development of global sourcing strategies.


Due to the support of modern analysis techniques, we are able to detect rationalisation potential in a process-oriented
way and to optimise the customerís requirements at

the development and procedure organisation,
the IT processes,
the production process including time management with the payment system in the manufacture,
the execution of damage analysis and damage management,
the maintenance organisation and systematic and
the quality management.

Our excellence is, beside the conceptual approach, especially the active conversion of concepts.
Therefore, we are specialised with the project management in

the implementation of technical projects like the acquisition and the admission of vehicles and
components according to TSI or the establishing of an extensive maintenance organisation,
the projection, the acquisition, the initiation, the taking over of IT-applications,
the execution of market analyses and profitability investigations and
the temporary management of companies or company sectors.

The consultation of public authorities, railway companies and federations as well as the takeover of the function dangerous goods advisor in the ambit of RID complete the supply of CK PRORAIL Consult GmbH.

Permanent optimisation of processes and products is the premise for a lasting company success!
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